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Binary parser for the .evtc files that arcdps generates after a boss encounter. This will generate a .html file where the results can be easily reviewed.


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Set Up

  1. Go to Code tab

  2. Go to Release section

  3. Download the file

  4. Extract all files anywhere you like

  5. Open GW2EI.exe (feel free to make a shortcut and move to desktop)

  6. gg

NOTE: .evtc files are currently located within “C:\Users<USERNAME>\Documents\Guild Wars 2\addons\arcdps\arcdps.cbtlogs”



  1. Drag and drop 1 or multiple .evtc or files into program

  2. Click parse

  3. When done the .html will be located in the same location as the evtc as “samename_boss_result.html”


Console Parsing

how to

If you would like to have your logs parsed without the GUI pass the file location of each evtc file as a string.

Settings can be configured in the GuildWars2EliteInsights.exe.config file. You can also use a custom config file:

GuildWars2EliteInsights.exe -c [config path] [logs]

To disable windows-specific commandline magic you can use -p:

GuildWars2EliteInsights.exe -p [logs]

Note it may take some time for each file to parse and they will not be ready to open the moment they are created.

JSON Documentation

The Json documentation can be found here



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